A brief history of the Homœopathica Journal

The Homoeopathica was the journal of the New Zealand Homoeopathic Society for almost 40 years. It filled a valuable role before mass communications and the internet.

by Morris Tuffery

The journal had many functions; It kept members throughout the country, most of whom were unable to attend the monthly meetings, informed about courses, meetings and new books .On the back of each journal was a list of registered practitioners and pharmacies. Every copy had some sharing of interesting Homeopathic principles, method and practice with in-depth cases, both from the historical and more recent masters. Many local Homeopaths shared their cases as well and there were numerous articles on Homeopathy in general. Some of these in the mid 1990’s related to the political situation surrounding Homeopathy’s ongoing struggle for a definitive legal recognition and registration body, where the editor (and President) at the time, Bruce Barwell, kept all members informed and up to date.

The Homoeopathica was first published in 1979 as a quarterly magazine but reverted to 5 copies a year in the mid 80’s which continued until 2013 when it reverted to 4 copies a year until the final publication in Autumn of 2019. The first editor was Brian Murray, who continued until 1984 when Bruce Barwell took over, up until 1986, in the first of his two times as editor.

Mrs Jay Venables assumed the position in 1987 and she was the editor until November 1997 when Bruce Barwell resumed the editorship. At that time the society had close to 800 members and the journal was a valuable communication and educational medium. Bruce upgraded the journal to a more professional look, orientating it to practicing Homoeopaths without forgoing the original object of catering for the more grass roots enthusiasts.

Following Bruce’s untimely death in 2008, Monty Firman took over as editor (and President) until the end of 2011. The final editor (and President) was Den Illing, who did a great job of keeping the Homoeopathica going until the final edition in Autumn 2019 due to the prohibitive cost of producing and printing the journal.

Addendum (by NZHS July 2023) – The Society now produces eHomeopathica since Dec 2019 – an online journal for both the public, students and homeopaths full of interesting articles and information.