Basic Homeopathic Therapeutics – Anticipatory Anxiety

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This is a combination of Anacardium, Ambra grisea and Arg nit.  It has not been proved as a combination and does not have its own unique symptom picture, but it is a very useful stand by for severe anticipatory anxiety if the symptom picture does not match any of the following medicines.  It is probably best used in the 30c or 200c potency prior to exams, interviews or driving tests etc.


For fear of flying, especially as a result of a previous incident.  Heart palpitations, thinks they may die.  Very fearful and anxious.  Imagine disasters happening.  Claustrophobic. Tend to be very thirsty and pale. (All symptoms are worse at midnight.) Also, a possibility for fear of dentist if patient is scared of dying.  (It can also be useful for the shock after an earthquake or other life threatening event.)


Probably the best remedy to try if patient is afraid of dentist.  Anticipatory anxiety is a prominent part of this remedy picture. Trembles, feels faint, can be impulsive, hurried, fearful and anxious.  May crave sweets, probably will have loose bowel motions from the anxiety, also wind and flatus from anxiety.  Patient may feel hot and be talkative in their anxiety.


Consider this in anticipatory anxiety.  Patient tends to be more tremulous, quiet, and droopy than Arg. nit.  Wants to be alone, is unresponsive. May also have diarrhoea.  Feels better for stimulants e.g. tea, and for profuse urination.


This is a very useful remedy for anxiety before public speaking.  The person feels no confidence in their ability to perform though they may hide this, putting on a show of confidence and coolness.  They may crave sweets and suffer from wind.  They may experience difficulty in starting to speak and stutter over the first words.  Usually once they get going, they perform well, but although they know this they still get very anxious before the next event.


Can be indicated if the person is afraid of being in an enclosed space.  There may be a strong desire for fresh air. Patient is easily reassured. Patient may be excitable even though fearful. Startles easily. Much better for company.  Will want cold drinks (especially fizzy ones).

(Rescue remedy can be useful in this situation also)