Basic Homeopathic Therapeutics – Colic


Especially to be considered in babies with wind colic or nightly diarrhoea with colic. Diarrhoea is green and smells of rotten eggs. Patient wakes up and screams, often about 9pm.  Patient is frantic, irritable, oversensitive, impatient, and extremely angry.  Colic can come on after anger, (also diarrhoea).


This is one of the first colic remedies to think of, typical symptoms are violent, griping, cutting colic; paroxysmal colic e.g. digestive or menstrual colic, (similar to Mag phos). Has to bend double to get relief.  Warmth e.g., hot water bottle helps. Frequent discharge of flatus with relief.  Bending over helps slightly more than warmth.  Symptoms can also result from anger.


The patient is in constant distress with severe cutting colic pains every few minutes in stomach and small intestine. Rumbling, griping in umbilical area. Unlike previous remedies, the patient is much worse for bending double and has to lie stretched out or even bend backwards. They may find some relief from walking. Digestive and menstrual colic.


Very similar picture to Colocynth, so it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart. Spasms of cramp or colic in stomach or abdomen, griping pains. Pains cause patient to cry out.  Flatulent colic forces patient to bend double, which does help though not as much as when patient needs Colocynth.  Warmth helps most particularly very hot drinks. Cold aggravates. Digestive and menstrual colic, also sciatic pains (Colocynth also).


Acute or chronic gastric disorders from overindulgence in alcohol, coffee, rich food.  Griping pains in bowels, that shift around. Reflux into the oesophagus.  Colic in breastfeeding babies, after mother has eaten something stimulating e.g., highly spiced food.  Pains better warmth and rest.  Patient also likely to be irritable, unable to tolerate the pain, oversensitive to noise, light, touch.  Abdominal or menstrual colic. Gall stone colic.