Basic Homeopathic Therapeutics – Earaches (Acute)


Especially for earaches that start to come on after being out in cold dry winds.  External ear is red hot, painful and swollen.  There is great sensitivity to noise, and may be a sensation as if a drop of water is in the left ear.  The usual Aconite symptoms of fever, anxiety, fear and restlessness can be present.  Thirst and restlessness are always present in the fever.  The problem may be worse in the evening especially around midnight. They may also present with one cheek red and hot and the other pale and cold-like Chamomilla.


This can look rather like the Aconite picture.  Sudden onset especially on right side and the outer ear is bright red and hot and patient screams with pain. The pain can cause delirium, and the child cries out in sleep.  The ear pain may extend down the neck; may be associated with sore throat or facial pain. There is sudden very high fever, often with glassy eyes and dilated pupils.  Patient is not thirsty in the fever unlike Aconite (see Fever section).  May be a watery runny nose. As is usual with Belladonna the patient may cold extremities along with the hot flushed face.


Patient is oversensitive and intolerant of pain.  They are incredibly irritable and impossible to please, need to be carried.  They are worse at night.   One cheek red and hot and one pale and cold. May have green offensive diarrhoea and colic pains.  Chilly but overheats easily. Hot sweat with the pain.  Incredibly painful ear worse touch and from wind.  They won’t want it looked at! Rushing, roaring sounds in the ear.  Sticking pains in the ear better for warmth.  Consider in either acute or chronic otitis media.


Similar to Silica but more intense.  It is best given in the middle or late stages of the earache. There is  thick, yellow, cheesy, foetid  nasal discharge.  A similar foetid thick otorrhoea.  Mastoiditis may occur.  Pain is very severe, sticking, fishbone or splinter like pains (Silica).  The patient is intensely, violently irritable, shrieks with pain, again like Chamomilla won’t be examined. They are sensitive to the slightest draught, even putting a hand out of the bedclothes aggravates him.  Patient is much better for warmth especially warm covering to the affected ear (and unusually, is better in damp weather).


One of the best remedies for chronic eustachian catarrh and deafness.  Catarrhal inflammation of ear or ‘glue ear’.  Deafness caused by each cold patient suffers.  There can be sudden fluttering sensations in the ear.  Patient is improved by cold drinks.


This remedy is also indicated after pus builds up.  The patient sweats profusely (which does not relieve him), has increased salivation, bad breath, a metallic taste in the mouth and a swollen tongue.  The ear pain is worse at night and from warmth.  Pain seems to extend to ear from teeth and throat.  There is thick, yellow, foetid, bloody otorrhoea.  Boils in the external canal of the ear, itching in the ear.  Sensation of cold water running from the ear.


This remedy is to be considered when the ear symptoms develop after a cold has been present for a few days.  Examination shows a swollen red eardrum and a build up of pus in the middle ear. There is thick, yellow green bland nasal discharge; also similar discharge from the ear may be present. Pain may be severe, but also there may be unusually little pain.  Pain is worse at night, for warmth or being in a warm, stuffy room.  Patient wants fresh open air, attention, is clingy, whiny and irritable.  Patient is not hungry or thirsty. One minute feel very unwell then next may be playing and seem much improved which shows the typical Pulsatilla changeability.


Also for middle or late stages of a cold accompanied by ear involvement especially if child seems to catch every cold going!  Child is mild and whimpers, but is not clingy like Pulsatilla. Very worn out, no stamina, chilly, sweaty, and sensitive to noise. Intense ear pain, sticking, fishbone like pains.  May stick finger into ear and bore into it. Thick smelly discharge.  Patient is worse at night, for cold or draughts or uncovering the ear.  First to consider for pain behind ear in mastoid area. Itching in ear and ear feels blocked up. Roaring noises in ear.