Basic Homeopathic Therapeutics – Influenza


from ‘Basic Homeopathic Therapeutics’ by Karen Johnson

Aconite is generally indicated in the very early stages of an illness and is quite often missed as the state has progressed onwards but maybe useful especially for symptoms resulting from exposure to cold dry winds. Increased thirst: bright red face, though one cheek may be red and hot, the other cold and pale. Dry burning heat; chill alternating with heat. Great restlessness and anxiety.

Useful for so called gastric flu where there are symptoms of flu with vomiting and diarrhoea. Fever is high with a hot face and cold body, but the patient wants fresh air round the head. There is the prostration and weakness associated with Arsenicum states, and the terrible anxiety sometimes with fear of death. Patient wants company. They are thirsty for small sips of water. Any burning pains will be better for warmth.

For ‘flu with rapid onset and very high fever, flushed red face, icy cold extremities, glazed eyes with dilated pupils. Often the typical Belladonna 3pm aggravation. Severe pounding headaches, often right sided. Can have delirium or hallucinations. May want lemonade or lemon drinks.

This remedy can be indicated in influenza’s that developed slowly and seem to be progressing to pleurisy. The patient does not want to move at all, is very irritable and wants to be left alone. Influenza’s with very bad headaches in occiput or left sided, (also from coughing) aching muscles and joints. All worse from any movement, even jarring of the bed. There is great perspiration when the fever is high. Generally, the patient is very thirsty for cold drinks in large quantities. The patient may worry about work.

This remedy is for influenza’s where the bones, limbs, and back ache so intensely it may feel as if they will break. The patient moans with the pain and does not want to move because of the pain. The eyeballs ache. All the muscles ache. Severe headaches and head feels very heavy. There is shivering and chills especially in the early morning. The patient may want to drink ice cold drinks, but these will upset the stomach and cause chills generally. there may be nausea and vomiting.

For colds and influenza’s of mild winters. There is heaviness, aching, weakness and tiredness of the body and limbs. The patient is very sleepy, droopy, even the eyelids droop. There can be chills running up and down the back. Periods of chill and heat follow each other. Influenza with terrible bursting headaches from the neck over to the forehead. These are better for profuse urination. Patient is not thirsty at all, but is better for stimulants, i.e., tea, alcohol.

Flu where there is great sensitivity to light noise, smells, touch, and that has come on quickly. Patient can be very irritable, over sensitive, sleepless and think about work. There are very bad chills with rigors that comes on from the least uncovering or slightest motion in the bed. Patient may feel very nauseous and vomit which improves the nausea. They want warm food and drinks.

Influenza from getting chilled or cold damp weather, and where there is bruised aching. Patient sweats profusely, has a dry mouth and dry sore throat with hoarseness. There is extreme restlessness and great weakness. The patient becomes stiff, and aching is worse if he lies too long in one position. He cannot sleep, has to keep tossing and turning in an effort to find relief. Heat or warm baths may help the pain. The fever can be intense. The patient may show a desire for drinking milk. The tongue may have the classic Rhus tox symptom of a red triangle at the tip. Often the patient is very anxious.