Basic Homeopathic Therapeutics – Jet Lag

Some of the pharmacies sell combination remedies that people have found useful.


The first remedy to think of for the over exertion, trauma, and physical shock to the body, of flying long distances at high speeds. There is the bruised, tired, sensation associated with Arnica and the “I’m alright” even though they have just flown for 24 hours syndrome.  They feel mentally worn out, the eyes may be bloodshot, the limbs ache as if they had been beaten.  The mouth is dry, and they are thirsty but do not know what they really want to drink.  It is most useful taken every 2-3 hours of flying time and for 1 to two days after arrival depending on the length of flight and severity of fatigue.


Useful for congestion and stiffness after sitting in one place for a long time.  Sore bruised sensation in lower back, abdomen, and muscles.  Pains down front of thighs. They feel tired and worn out, want to lie down.  They feel much better for continued motion.


Is a useful remedy to consider for those who cannot sleep on or after flights even though they are mentally or physically exhausted.  (The traveller’s equivalent of “night watching”. It is also one of the medicines to consider in travel sickness.)  The person may feel dazed, their limbs “go to sleep”.  Their arms and shoulders feel bruised and tired. If they have a headache, it will be aggravated by coffee, though they loathe the thought of food or drink.


The remedy to consider after the flight when there is severe aching of the muscles, weakness, tremulousness, and droopiness. The person may be very dull and apathetic and want to be left alone.  Patient may also have a terrible headache, the eyes are red, sore, and aching. They are not thirsty. The symptoms are relieved by stimulants or urination.  They can be sleepless from mental excitement.


Useful if the exhaustion is more mental and you have to go straight into a work situation on arrival. Patient feels unable to think, is forgetful, very exhausted, and weak.  The skin is pale and waxy. The eyelids droop, like Gelsemium.  They may be thirsty for ice water.  Their limbs feel painful and weak.  They are easily startled and sensitive to noise.


Also worth considering in states of mental exhaustion after flying and the dehydration that can occur during flying.  The mind is slow, person is indifferent and apathetic, cannot think straight, forgets words. Their eyes can be glassy with blue rings around them.  They crave juicy refreshing things.  There is a feeling of bruised soreness in the body and limbs.


Useful for aching muscles, tendons, and ligaments from sitting too long in one position or for straining with heavy luggage. Stiffness is better for gentle motion and warmth, worse on first motion.