Basic Homeopathic Therapeutics – Nausea & Vomiting

This section includes remedies for travel, sea sickness and morning sickness. Those especially worth considering for morning sickness are indicated.


from ‘Basic Homeopathic Therapeutics’ by Karen Johnson

Nausea and vomiting may be caused by a number of things, from dietary indiscretion, ‘bugs’, hormone imbalance to severe neurological or pathological conditions. Caution must be exercised in treating the patient to ensure appropriate investigations are carried out.

A great sea sickness remedy has continuous feeling of nausea and persistent vomiting. There is also sensation of a lump in the stomach and feeling of over fullness even if nothing has been eaten. The tongue is thickly coated and white. Retching and vomiting of food and mucous without improvement. Patient can be fretful and peevish. Can have vomiting without nausea. Food leaves an aftertaste. Worse for cold, overeating and heat.

Anxiety and restlessness with this remedy picture also. Good in car/travel sickness where there is claustrophobia, fear of crashing and not being able to get out of the vehicle, also good for panic anticipating the journey. There is lots of flatulence, craving for sweets. There is sour or bitter vomiting, pains radiating from small spots. Eating helps the nausea but worsens stomach pains. Pains can be sharp sticking and violent. Trembling in the stomach. Generally worse for anxiety and better for warmth.

Weak, chilly, tired but restless patient. Anxious and hard to reassure. Fearful, patient may think they will die. Fearful of vomiting. Loss of appetite with anxiety about this, and vomiting is worse for anxiety. Dry mouth, nausea at sight, thought or smell of food. Severe burning pains with the nausea and vomiting. Cold water vomited immediately, but they may want to drink it. Nausea and retching after eating or drinking. Pains better for warmth or warm drinks. Worse in middle of night to 3 am. (Consider for morning sickness)

Violent empty retching which aggravates all other symptoms. Also, violent vomiting with diarrhoea and colic. Vomit everything that’s been eaten or drunk. Constant nausea and vomiting in the first three months of pregnancy. Eating worsens the nausea. Restless, very sensitive to noise. Saliva is cold. Generally worse for noise and emotion, better for cold bathing especially of face. (Consider for morning sickness)

Especially useful in air travel for people who experience fear and or nausea and vomiting when the plane starts to descend – an example of the general Borax symptom- worse for downward motion. Also, if the flight is very bumpy. Nausea with trembling of body and weak knees. Nausea when thinking hard! Vomiting of mucous after drinking.

The first remedy to think of for car, train, or sea sickness, also vertigo with nausea. Patient loathes all food and drink, their senses especially of smell are acute. Has nausea rising to head or felt in head. There is retching or vomiting with profuse flow of saliva. There may be a headache. There is cramping and spasm, e.g., of stomach or abdominal muscles, and electric like shocks through the body. They are worse for touch, cold and open air and even watching objects move e.g., boat rising up and down on waves and horizon moves up and down.

Nausea worse from sight, smell or thought of food, especially eggs, meat, or fish. This can cause a violent attack of vomiting. Dry retching or vomiting of saliva/ mucous. Nausea that lasts all day. Feel faint in the stomach like they must eat. Burning or icy coldness in the stomach. Swallowing saliva makes them want to vomit. Worse for motion, touch and better for warmth and rest. (Consider for morning sickness)

Violent deathly nausea. Food, water, and saliva are vomited. Cold sweat with the vomiting and a clawing sensation in the stomach. Episodes of vomiting follow each other very quickly. Saliva tastes salty. Burning pains in abdomen and stomach. Generally worse for sitting, beginning motion and better for cold applications and continued motion.

Waves of terrible nausea. Nausea with salivation, nausea not better for vomiting. Tongue is clean. Headaches with vomiting. Prolonged episodes of vomiting. Blood may be vomited. Thirst less. Generally worse warmth and better for open air and rest and nothing helps improve the symptoms! (Consider for morning sickness)

Waves of nausea especially on walking. Nausea worse from emotional upset. Nausea is better for lying down. They may vomit rarely and can vomit mucous. Vomiting of food at night. Throbbing at back of stomach. Stomach pains can go to the chest, back or limbs. Patient wants to lie down and die. Easily startled, anxious when alone, can be irritable and weepy. Generally worse cold, better warmth and open air. (Consider for morning sickness)

Irritable patient. Sensitive to noise and light. Nausea with feeling that they would feel better if only they could vomit. Violent sour vomiting. Ineffective attempts to vomit. Nausea all day, but worse in the morning and much worse after eating. Constipation with the nausea. Constant burping. Food feels heavy in the stomach. Cramping and pain, gastric pains into back or chest that are better after vomiting. Generally worse in the early morning, for drafts, uncovering, also for rich foods. (Consider for morning sickness)

This is the other main remedy to consider in any form of travel sickness. They tend to vomit a bitter green substance. The mouth can feel dry but have an offensive smell that can be like garlic. Patient may have pungent, acrid eructation’s. There is aversion to meat, fats and cooked foods. There may be a pinching colic which is better for bending double. They are also chilly and much worse for the cold and touch (even of clothes). Patient can be worried but does not know why, though they can be excitable. They can have vertigo produced by a swinging motion, e.g., of car or boat.

Burning in stomach, nausea, and vomiting. Craves cold drinks but they are vomited as soon as the liquid becomes warm in the stomach. Warm drinks, eating warm food aggravate the symptoms. Nausea after anaesthetics. Food can come straight back up after eaten. Can be ravenous before the nausea. Oddly they can get nausea from putting hands in warm water! Can be very anxious but are easily reassured.

Not such a common remedy to think of, but invaluable especially when the patient craves fresh air and tends to feel warmer rather than chilly. They are usually thirst less, and averse to food (especially fats). They can vomit food that they have eaten a long time before. The stomach feels heavy. There can be loud rumblings. Patient will have the mental characteristics of changeable mood, weepy, clingy etc.

Nausea and vomiting with complete loss of appetite. Nausea from ice cream or after eating. Unquenchable thirst, possibly for milk. Dizziness on standing. Vomits from coughing or lying on back. There may be faecal vomiting. Sore abdomen. Generally worse for cold and wet, better warmth and continued motion.

Nausea at sight, thought or smell of food. Sinking or empty sensation in stomach, not better for eating. Deathly nausea better for eating. Milky vomit. Burning pains in pit of stomach not ameliorated by vomiting. Travel or sea sickness. (Consider for morning sickness)

Violent nausea and vomiting. Vomiting of blood. Dry retching, retching of mucous. Nausea and vomiting from smelling food. Nausea worse any motion and better for lying on back. (May be useful in persistent nausea in pregnancy- but consult your qualified practitioner). (Consider for morning sickness)

Especially useful in travel sickness where patient has terrible nausea and is very pale or has a greenish tinge to them. Dreads moving as this brings on nausea and faintness. Feel much better in the open air. Faint sinking feeling in pit of stomach. Vomiting can improve the nausea as can uncovering the abdomen!