Basic Homeopathic Therapeutics – Sore Throats

Sore throats can be caused by many things including most common viruses, but some have more serious causes e.g. streptococcal bacteria which can lead to serious consequences such as rheumatic heart disease and kidney problems. Please consult and refer patient as appropriate to ensure prompt treatment.

Particularly suited to sore throats with burning stinging pains better for cold drinks, worse for hot drinks and solids. External and internal swelling. Severe and oedematous swelling of uvula. Throat is red or purple, and can look glossy. Patient is not generally thirsty, but may want milk or cold food and drinks. Also feels better if cool, or in cool air.

Good for sore throats in lecturers, speakers and singers. There is hoarseness and lack of control over voice. When raises voice it goes up in a squeak and cracks. Pain is stinging, throat is ulcerated and can bleed. Painful clearing of throat, also wants to hold and scratch throat. Swelling of glands in neck and throat. Children who require this remedy have a marked tendency to pick at their nose until it bleeds.

A good remedy to consider in patients who get sore throats from every exposure to cold damp or at menses. The onset of condition is very slow. Chronic sore throats, enlarged tonsils and quinsy. Glands swollen and indurated (hard). Pain is stinging in character. Pain in throat is much worse empty swallowing; patient can only swallow liquids.

To be considered for sore throats starting after getting head wet (haircuts, swimming, rain), also one of first remedies for ‘Strep throat’. Inflammation comes on very quickly and throat is bright red, dry and hot. Tongue also bright red. Right sided tonsillitis (can extend to left side). Throat feels constricted especially on attempting to swallow. Must drink to swallow solids. Drinks in sips. There could also be the typical Belladonna fever, hot red face, dilated pupils, glazed look but very cold extremities. (See Fever.) Also, the typical sensitivity to noise, light and jarring.

Like Aconite this remedy is to be considered at the start of an acute. The throat feels scratchy, is ulcerated, sore, red and inflamed. Especially good in subacute laryngitis. Relieves soreness and may help control bleeding following throat operations. Patient is improved by cold applications and is worse for moving and at night. Sore throat may come on after overwork or from fatigue.

This is better indicated when the cold or sore throat is well developed, also for quinsy with impending suppuration. Throat is very sensitive to touch. Splinter or fishbone like pain, extends to ear when swallowing. Patient is very sensitive, irritable, angry and abusive. Slightest draught or uncovering or cold drinks or food aggravate him greatly. Warm drinks and warmth generally improve the symptoms.

This is another remedy where the throat is sensitive to touch and pain extends to the ears. Also sore throat beginning and ending with menses. Symptoms change from side to side and back again. Throat is shiny red, with patches of white. Throat can feel raw. There is stiffness of neck and tongue. Hot or cold drinks ameliorate the pain but empty swallowing aggravates it.

The remedy to think of in quinsy, septic parotiditis, and sore throats with the following symptoms. Pain is worse on left side, extends to ear. Throat is extremely painful and sensitive to touch. Pain can alternate sides. The patient cannot bear his throat being touched, or have anything around his throat, e.g. ties, polo neck sweaters, scarves etc. Throat is very swollen (internally and externally), and the tonsils are usually a purplish colour. Often gets thick mucus in throat that cannot be forced up or down. Pain is worse for empty swallowing and swallowing liquids (especially hot ones) but better for cold drinks. Symptoms are also worse when patient wakes up from a sleep.

There is swelling, suppuration and ulceration of tonsils usually starting on the right side and spreading to the left side. Chronic enlargement of tonsils. Extremely painful sore throats aggravated by cold drinks, but helped by warm drinks. There can be a sensation as if a ball is stuck in throat, also a feeling of constriction causing constant swallowing. Symptoms can be worse between 4-8pm.

Sore throats can develop after every weather change or with every cold. This is also a quinsy remedy especially indicated after pus has formed. Putrid sore throats, ulceration. Smarting, raw, sore, throat conditions often right sided. There is a metallic taste in the mouth and a constant desire to swallow. Pain extends into the ears on swallowing. Swelling in throat is bluish red in colour. Tongue is thickened with a yellow coating. There are the usual Merc viv. symptoms of profuse sweating without relief, excessive salivation, bad breath. The patient cannot maintain a comfortable temperature. Symptoms are worse at night and patient is easily overheated or over chilled.

This is similar to Hepar Sulph in symptom picture. There are similar splintery fishbone like pains that extend to the ears. The pains are worse swallowing. Tonsils are red and swollen. Blue edged white ulcers on tonsils, and soft palate. Swallowing is extremely difficult. There is also bad breath. Patient is irritable and demanding though not as sensitive as Hepar patients. Patient is worse for cold air or becoming chilled. There may be cracks at the corner of the mouth.

For ulcerated sore throats, quinsy, mumps. The throat is swollen, dark red or bluish and inflamed. The throat can feel very hot, rough and narrowed. Uvula can also be swollen. Shooting pains extend to ears when patient swallows. Patient may not be able to swallow anything. Cannot swallow hot drinks and symptoms are improved by cold drinks. The throat can feel very hot and burning extends to tonsils and roof of mouth. Pain in root of tongue extending to the ear. Pain from extending the tongue.