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The NZ Homœopathic Society is a Charitable Trust and an entirely volunteer run organisation.
We are very appreciative of your support. Thank you 🙂

NZ Homeopathic Society Legacy Giving

Support homeopathy for future generations by leaving a gift in your Will

If you’re wondering what the future of healthcare will look like, you’re not alone. The legacy of the worldwide pandemic raises many questions about what’s ahead for alternative therapies. The importance of preserving homeopathy for future generations has never been greater. Many of you have devoted 30-40 years to understanding and practicing homeopathy.

Give Back to the Future

In order to keep homeopathy alive and flourishing, the NZ Homeopathic Society is committed to a sustainable, long-term approach.

The Society has developed a strong organisational and financial structure over its history and over the last three years we have consolidated well. Our building is secure, tenanted, and provides income; our reference library is protected at Naturo Pharm, and the Society bookshop continues to thrive.

Our new Give Back for the Future  initiative supports homeopaths  to share their homeopathic  knowledge within their communities. This education and training program for the public is essential if we wish to keep homeopathy flourishing.

This  initiative provides financial support to experienced, qualified homeopaths to teach the benefits of homeopathy to the wider community and public. Our goal is to fund a significant number of projects that raise awareness about homeopathy at a grassroots level.

This Give Back to the Future initiative would also fund resources such as books and materials.

Long-Term Stability

Member bequests funded much of the Society’s past and current work.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the Society purchased its Mt Eden building through book sales and donations. This has provided excellent long-term stability for the Society.

This was possible because of generous legacy giving.

Homeopathy’s future depends on legacy giving, which includes gifts in Wills.

Gifts in Wills

To ensure the Society is financially self-sustaining into the twenty-second century, Gifts in Wills allow the Society to invest in assets, in our new Tomorrow Fund and Give back to the Future Program.

As the Tomorrow Fund grows, it enables the Society to increase its capacity to promote homeopathy.  The capital is left untouched, earning enough interest to keep the Society expanding.  The fund would help support the Give Back to the Future education program.

Alternatively you may donate directly  to  the Give Back to the Future Education program with a lump sum that can be spent now. This can be specified when you make the donation.

Legacy giving is an important step for the Society and homeopathy in the future.  INTERGENERATIONAL GIVING ensures the future of homeopathy.

Support Homeopathy

The Society needs your support to continue providing member and community support to spread knowledge of homeopathy.

Every legacy gift has a positive impact – no matter what the size of the bequest.  This can be anything from $50 to $100,000 or more.

The Society’s financial records are available for public viewing.

You can support homeopathy by leaving a gift to the Society in your Will to help future generations.

Gifting In Your Will is Easy

Leaving a gift in your Will to the NZ Homeopathic Society is surprisingly easy to do.

Once you have arranged for your family and loved ones to be taken care of, please ask your lawyer or other qualified professional to make provision for a gift to the New Zealand Homoeopathic Society.

We strongly recommend that you obtain legal and financial advice to ensure your wishes are correctly stated in your Will.

Here’s some sample wording you may choose to take to your lawyer.

I give devise and bequeath to The New Zealand Homeopathic Society an amount of NZ$/……………../ my (specific gift) absolutely and the receipt of a duly authorised representative of New Zealand Homeopathic Society shall be sufficient discharge to my Executors.

The NZ Homeopathic Society is a registered NZ charity.
Charity Registration Number: CC45400

Making a Difference

If you’re someone who wants to make a difference for the future of homeopathy, please remember the NZ Homeopathic Society in your Will.

Once you do, please let us know as we’d love to thank you personally.

If you have questions, or wish to advise us of your gift please email we’re here to help.