Letter to Members – NZHS and NZCH 25th June 2021

The NZ Council of Homeopaths and the NZ Homœopathic Society are committed to ensuring that homœopathy is financially viable, relevant and sustainable into the future not just the 21st Century but the 22nd Century.  Lofty goals!

Both organisations have a vision for homœopathy in NZ and have been working more closely together over the last year.  We want to see homœopathy thriving.

Over recent months both committees have had discussions regarding the amalgamation of our organisations into a new entity called Homeopathy New Zealand (HNZ). We need a homœopathic organisation that is seen as the ‘go to’ for homœopathic information, both for the public and professionals. Both NZCH and NZHS also want better legal status for homœopaths/homœopathy.

The goal of this proposal is to join resources and amalgamate both organisations with clearly defined roles that fulfil both our constitutions. These roles are to both promote homœopathy to the general public in New Zealand and to fulfil the registration requirements of homœopaths that ensures professionalism, education standards and continuing education. The new organisation will fulfil all the tasks currently undertaken by the separate organisations but under one legal entity.

We envision an organisation that facilitates a number of important measures

– to improve access to knowledge about homœopathy for the public
– to increase the number of students studying and learning homœopathy
– to have more people using professional registered homœopaths
– to ensure professional standards and a registration body for homœopaths
– to ensure better legal status for homœopaths within NZ

The Society’s constitution is dedicated to the education of the general public in the principles and practice of homœopathy and to promote the homœopathic system of healing throughout NZ to the general public. The Society also runs a homœopathic bookshop and has a reference library. The Society also facilitates a good social media platform together with quarterly newsletters. The expansion of this area is critical to ensuring that the public is informed about the benefits of homœopathy.  Social media is also a great platform to promote the use of professional homœopaths to the public. The Society  also provides  funding for homœopaths to run courses and talks on homœopathy.  All these functions will transfer to the new organisation.

The NZCH is responsible for registration of homœopaths, professional standards and complaints procedures. The Council achieves this through liaison with our NZ education provider, the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy. (CNHH).  This ensures that NZ has well trained homœopaths. The NZCH also oversees continuing education and ensures homœopaths are well supported in their profession.  The NZCH organises the biannual Conference, monthly zoom meetings and education updates.

Both organisations liaise and work with the other major stakeholders in ensuring homœopathy in NZ has a higher profile, in particular, our homœopathic college and pharmacies. A new area we wish to develop is the area of public relations and lobbying for better representation within the NZ Health System.

The NZHS owns a major asset, a property at Mt Eden, Auckland. One of the Society’s major goals has been to preserve the assets of the Society for future generations of homœopaths.  Our homœopathic forebears made a great decision to invest in this property and we need to ensure that this continues. This building is now rented out and provides an income for the support of homœopathy in NZ.

Both organisations also have subscriptions which fund their services. The new organisation would have a slightly different model with subscriptions based on the type of services required – professional, intern, student and public. We would like the public to access our services on a no-fee basis to encourage a wider use of our services.

There is new legislation that is being developed and presented in Parliament by the end of this year that might make this proposal very straight forward. This legislation allows for the amalgamation of organisations. Our legal team is investigating this option. We cannot as yet give an exact time frame for this development, but we plan to complete the framework within this year. If the amalgamation process is not enacted, we will need to look at either one entity acquiring the assets of the other entity, or alternatively setting up a new entity which would acquire the assets of both of the existing entities. Irrespective of the final structure, one issue that we will be particularly mindful to address is the ability for the new entity to maintain charitable status given that only one of the initial entities has charitable status.  If we are not certain about charitable status, then we will need to manage the process more carefully (eg exclude non-charitable aspects from the main entity)

We are looking to consult with you proactively and to gain an indication of general support in principle (or otherwise) from our respective members to this proposal.  If we can get this support, then we will develop proposed documentation to make it happen and then bring it back to another AGM or Special General Meeting for formal consideration and ensure that we comply with rules of each organisation. We look to our members for support of this action  to consolidate and strengthen homœopathy in NZ.  The time is now!

All feedback is welcome. Please email or   by 10th July 2021.

The committee members of both organisations:
Morris Tuffery, Janine Gawn, Madeleine Gilbert, Paulette Carpenter, Julie Baldwin, Rebecca Stirrup, Tiffany Rogers, Sue Fitzgibbon, Helen Kennedy, Jasvir Kaur, Liane Donovan, Sandy Dinsdale, Heidi Beck, Tanja Baker, Jem Moon.