Therapeutic Products Bill update July 2023

In our last newsletter we updated you about the outcome of the Report submitted to the Health Select Committee. In the meantime, the second reading has taken place and they have voted in favour to accept the proposed amendments. The National Party, Act and Independent MP E. Kerekere have voted against it. The next step is for the whole of House to debate the bill. The Minister has already said there will be a Supplemental Order Paper (SOP). Some of what might go into the SOP was talked about at the second reading.

The SOP is the way the government can make additional amendments to a bill. These are put forward to the whole House for debate together with the bill.

Of note is that of the 16,500 submissions, over 9,000 submissions called for the exclusion of Natural Health Products from the bill or that they be regulated in a risk-proportionate way. This is a very significant proportion of the response to the bill! In fact, of the 16,500 submissions, 16,000 opposed the bill full stop.

From a homeopathic perspective, following the amendments proposed, there is still a big problem because they do not understand how homeopathy works and no effort has been made to engage with us, even though we have repeatedly reached out to engage. We are considered a very small group and our voice is not heard or given weight. The big issue for us remains that this bill restricts our use of sarcodes, nosodes and matridonals, which every homeopath will tell you makes the world of difference to their clients, when properly used.

What action can you take?

  • We are organising a petition to have natural health products removed from the therapeutic products bill. This petition will be circulated as widely as possible, and we will appreciate all support to help us distribute the petition further. We will circulate this once it’s ready.
  • Please write to your local MP and ask them to vote against the bill. When the whole House meets, they will debate the bill. After that each MP votes on the bill, not just the party.
  • Let everybody in your network know to please take action, by also signing the petition and contacting their MP.