Update from the President, 12th April 2021

To all our Members, from the Committee

I am delighted to announce that we have secured a three year lease for the Society property at 320 Mt Eden Road.

We have 2 tenants, our existing tenant and a new one who will share the building.
We are also able to have occasional use of the building for committee meetings etc by prior arrangement which is really great.

This arrangement really provides the Society with financial security over the coming years, preserves our asset for future generations of homœopaths and also means we have an income with which we can start to do some projects to promote homœopathy and educate the public about its benefits.

Our bookshop will continue to be run online and books posted are from Naturo Pharm in Rotorua as before. Our reference library is also going to be set up there in a really nice big room, with space and facilities for research, meetings etc. We hope some of you will start to use it, it is more centrally located and there is good parking. We have our library scholarships being set up, which we announced at the last AGM, which provide a small grant for members to apply for to enable research projects. A visit to Nature Pharm to see how they manufacture homœopathic remedies is also very worthwhile. Our historic books and remedies will be preserved and displayed there too.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to some new ventures over the coming year!

Rebecca Stirrup – President, Morris Tuffery – Vice President, Paulette Carpenter – Treasurer, Janine Gawn -Secretary, Madeleine Gilbert -Social media, Julie Baldwin – bookshop liaison, Sally Birks, Julia Mandle – Coordinator, Tiffany Wendland.