Update from the President, AGM, November 11th 2020

Last year, when the committee was formed, we knew we faced many issues that have been outlined in previous years. I would like to summarise how this new committee approached our task and some of the decisions we made.

Our primary goal has been to preserve the assets of the Society for future generations.

The committee is committed to ensuring that both the Society, and homœopathy, is financially viable, relevant and sustainable into the future not just the 21st Century but the 22nd century. Lofty goals!

It has been an extremely busy and challenging year for the committee, and I want to acknowledge and say thank you to those who have put in tremendous effort.  Paulette and Janine, in particular, have done amazing work in their roles as Treasurer and Secretary.  Madeleine, our social media person, has really turned things around at a grassroots level and also Kate,  who has done the gardens, run Cakes and Cases and many other tasks. Tiffany, Morris, Sally, Annette, Debbie and Julie have all contributed and our newest member Julia who has taken on some administration roles.

By November 2020 our financial situation is much stronger. We have approximately $26,000 in the bank so we have some cash reserves and leeway going forward and a slightly bigger buffer. This is after expenditure on building maintenance over the winter when we needed the roof repaired and work on the hot water cylinder and the new website which went live in October.

I am now going to summarise the committee’s views and  activities over the 10 months I have been  in office and also our vision for the future of the Society.

The Society is running a business with volunteers. This is a huge undertaking. It does provide an income but not necessarily a profit with the current costs.  We need to raise $25,000 per year before we can run any promotion of homœopathy.   A sub-committee was formed in April  2020 to make recommendations of how to proceed. One of the recommendations was  to rent the building  to provide a good income for the Society. The building is a valuable resource that is not being utilized. We also preserve our asset for future generations of homœopathic users.

The committee  also recommended that the Society amalgamate with NZCH. They are the professional arm of homœopathy and we are more the public front.  The goal is to concentrate the power in one stronger body to promote and protect homœopathy and build a better legal framework. There is strength in numbers.

We are very grateful that we have found an excellent home for both our online bookstore and our reference library.  Naturo Pharm, one of New Zealand’s oldest homœopathic pharmacies, has a beautiful, dry contemporary building  in Rotorua. The book shop moved  to Naturo Pharm on 8th October 2020 and this has been brilliant for us volunteers and greatly the reduced workload. It is also brilliant for our customers, as postal charges are reduced and there is much faster turnaround on delivery The Reference Library will be  moved in December 2020.

Other announcements!

  • We have a new website to improve searching for books, provide more information and facilities for the general public and improve the membership system which was manual, cumbersome and time consuming.
  • Scholarships.   The Society would like to announce new library scholarships for next year.  These will be suitable for students or homœopaths or general members who wish to visit the reference library in Rotorua for a research project. The value will contribute towards accommodation and petrol. Details coming and how to apply!


  • Society will become sustainable
  • Society will be able to fulfil its true purpose according to the constitution which is to educate and promote the knowledge of homœopathy to the general public in New Zealand
  • Society will protect a legacy handed down from a previous generation of homœopaths

The Society will have an intact asset that can be used to promote homœopathy in the 21st century and into the 22nd century in ways we cannot now even envision.

Rebecca Stirrup
President NZ Homœopathy Society

Elected committee 11th November 2020 AGM 
President    Rebecca Stirrup
Vice President    Morris Tuffery
Secretary    Janine Gawn
Treasurer    Paulette Carpenter
Committee Member    Sally Birks-Davies
Committee Member    Julie Baldwin
Committee Member    Madeleine Gilbert
Committee Member    Tiffany Rogers
Committee Member    Julia Mandel

NOTE: If you would like to receive the minutes of the AGM (incorporating the full Presidents report – this is a summary) and associated financial documents please email the secretary for a copy

Seasons greetings from us all and we wish you all a happy and safe festive season.

The Committee