Annual President’s Report AGM June 15th, 2022

The Society has now completed many of its objectives and goals which were outlined in detail at the AGM in November 2020 18 months ago. Over the last two years the committee has worked very well as a team to achieve these goals.

As many of you know our primary goal was to preserve the assets of the Society for future generations.  I am pleased to say that the Society is now in a much more sustainable position. This was achieved during our first 18 months in office.  The building in Mt Eden is now rented and provides a good income for the Society. This income means that the Society can be more effective now in our purpose going forward which is to promote homeopathy to the general public of New Zealand.

We are also a more efficient and streamlined organisation. In a large part that is thanks to Janine our secretary and to Paulette our Treasurer they have really made a big difference to our systems and streamlining things which makes a big difference to us volunteers.

The bookshop has now been at Naturo Pharm in Rotorua for 18 months. As a group of volunteers running a business this has proved a highly successful move. One of our goals was to reduce the value of our book stock, which was very high and unsustainable for our small organisation. In 2018 we held over $41K worth of books in stock.  We have worked very hard over the last two years to reduce that through sales and trying to buy sensibly and we now hold $24K stock value.   About $9K of those titles turn over regularly as they are in demand from students, homeopaths, and the public.  The other ones are a backlog, but we are working on that.

Another goal which has been achieved this year is this beautiful Reference library and conference room here at Naturo Pharm.  It’s been a huge job to create new shelving, move the books from Mount Eden and make sure everything is catalogued correctly.  A big thank you to Morris Tuffery who has led this and his helpers for his work in organising the books. We can now really be confident that this valuable and historic library is secure, dry, and well cared for.  I just hope people come and do some research and use this room for meetings here in the future. Morris is retiring from the committee this year but will continue to help with the library which I am really grateful for.

Our membership is also much stronger. Two years ago, we set ourselves the goal of getting 200 members in the coming 2 years and we said 2000 members in 10 years.  We now have 220 paid up members and the subscription income has more than doubled from a couple of years ago, so I am really thrilled about this. There is strength in numbers and our newest goal has been to start to represent the 10’s of 1000’s of people who use homeopathy in NZ but are not affiliated with any homeopathic organisation.  This goal will continue to be a big part of our strategy going forward.   It is important that we reach people at a grassroots level.

Our excellent electronic newsletter for members will be rebranded in the next addition or maybe we are going back to the future because we have revived the historically significant name Homeopathica is going to be eHomeopathica and we would like to increase its scope further.  eHomeopathica has the potential to reach a much wider audience and we need new ideas of how to achieve this.

Our social media team led by Crystal continues successful campaigns to raise awareness of homeopathy at a grassroots level.  We have increased our followers on Facebook to nearly 2500 and we also have a presence on Instagram, with about 605 followers. We regularly promote our main book for the public which is Get Well Soon with a free Aconite from Naturo Pharm has been very successful in the last few months with over 100 books sold so far.

Not only does our social media presence raise awareness of homeopathy it also supports homeopaths to build their practices. We also support homœopaths in other ways to give talks, short courses, and presentations, in person or via zoom, about homœopathy.  Recently, Wellington homeopaths taught 10 paramedics about homeopathy, and we the Society provided funding and books for all the participants.   This is the kind of stuff we want to increase more and more. We are keen for our communities to become better informed about homeopathy and homeopaths are an important part of that role.

Members also have access to free homeopathy at home courses, all our historical archives of Homeopathicas and Newsletters, webinars that explain what homeopathy is plus great information about the various tools and phone app’s to help home users use homeopathy.  New members get a free book when they join and we have had 27 brand new members since 1st April this year, it is very pleasing.

In order to reach more of the public who, need more information and better education about the scope of homeopathy we have created a new free eBook generously gifted to the Society by author Karen Johnson, which Janine Gawn has been instrumental in. People can sign up for it on our website.  We anticipate this will increase our reach significantly and enable us to educate more members of the public who wish to find out more about homœopathy. Since going live a couple of months ago we have already had over 200 downloads. We hope that we can start to represent that whole body of homeopathic consumers.

We continue to collaborate closely with the NZCH and other stakeholders. We need to present a strong and unified front to both the government and the public to ensure that homœopathy continues to be a health option. This is an evolving process, but the concept of a virtual umbrella called Homeopathy NZ seems to be the way forward that we are working on.   This will form part of our new strategic plan.

So, to the future! Over the next year the committee’s goal is to create a new strategic plan for the next 3-year period. We are in a very good financial position to really promote homeopathy and we want to make sure our funds are used wisely for the benefit of homeopathy. We already have many ideas. Some of these ideas have already been touched on – to represent a consumer voice for example, and to create a virtual umbrella that presents a united homeopathic front for our homeopathic organisations.  We also need more new homeopaths with new energy and ideas to continue our work. So, a collaboration with the College seems a natural extension of our goals. For example, we have discussed a vision of charitable clinics that provide both an educational and clinical service to the public whilst also providing a training platform for new students is another way of achieving multiple goals for homeopathy. This plan will take time and energy and creativity to formulate. Please feel free to contribute and of course this new strategic plan will be brought to our members next year.

I would like to thank Naturo Pharm for all their support and help over the last year.  We have Liesl here from Naturo Pharm. Liesl and her team do so much for us from posting out our books, donating remedies, helping us with the reference library shelving and installation and now hosting us tonight.  It really is a remarkable contribution to homeopathy.

Finally, I would like to thank the committee for all their hard work, it really is a team effort. We communicate most days, mostly on bookshop issues!   We could not have achieved what we have without the commitment and energy of everyone.

Rebecca Stirrup

Letter to Members – NZHS and NZCH 25th June 2021

The NZ Council of Homeopaths and the NZ Homœopathic Society are committed to ensuring that homœopathy is financially viable, relevant and sustainable into the future not just the 21st Century but the 22nd Century.  Lofty goals!

Both organisations have a vision for homœopathy in NZ and have been working more closely together over the last year.  We want to see homœopathy thriving.

Over recent months both committees have had discussions regarding the amalgamation of our organisations into a new entity called Homeopathy New Zealand (HNZ). We need a homœopathic organisation that is seen as the ‘go to’ for homœopathic information, both for the public and professionals. Both NZCH and NZHS also want better legal status for homœopaths/homœopathy.

The goal of this proposal is to join resources and amalgamate both organisations with clearly defined roles that fulfil both our constitutions. These roles are to both promote homœopathy to the general public in New Zealand and to fulfil the registration requirements of homœopaths that ensures professionalism, education standards and continuing education. The new organisation will fulfil all the tasks currently undertaken by the separate organisations but under one legal entity.

We envision an organisation that facilitates a number of important measures

– to improve access to knowledge about homœopathy for the public
– to increase the number of students studying and learning homœopathy
– to have more people using professional registered homœopaths
– to ensure professional standards and a registration body for homœopaths
– to ensure better legal status for homœopaths within NZ

The Society’s constitution is dedicated to the education of the general public in the principles and practice of homœopathy and to promote the homœopathic system of healing throughout NZ to the general public. The Society also runs a homœopathic bookshop and has a reference library. The Society also facilitates a good social media platform together with quarterly newsletters. The expansion of this area is critical to ensuring that the public is informed about the benefits of homœopathy.  Social media is also a great platform to promote the use of professional homœopaths to the public. The Society  also provides  funding for homœopaths to run courses and talks on homœopathy.  All these functions will transfer to the new organisation.

The NZCH is responsible for registration of homœopaths, professional standards and complaints procedures. The Council achieves this through liaison with our NZ education provider, the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy. (CNHH).  This ensures that NZ has well trained homœopaths. The NZCH also oversees continuing education and ensures homœopaths are well supported in their profession.  The NZCH organises the biannual Conference, monthly zoom meetings and education updates.

Both organisations liaise and work with the other major stakeholders in ensuring homœopathy in NZ has a higher profile, in particular, our homœopathic college and pharmacies. A new area we wish to develop is the area of public relations and lobbying for better representation within the NZ Health System.

The NZHS owns a major asset, a property at Mt Eden, Auckland. One of the Society’s major goals has been to preserve the assets of the Society for future generations of homœopaths.  Our homœopathic forebears made a great decision to invest in this property and we need to ensure that this continues. This building is now rented out and provides an income for the support of homœopathy in NZ.

Both organisations also have subscriptions which fund their services. The new organisation would have a slightly different model with subscriptions based on the type of services required – professional, intern, student and public. We would like the public to access our services on a no-fee basis to encourage a wider use of our services.

There is new legislation that is being developed and presented in Parliament by the end of this year that might make this proposal very straight forward. This legislation allows for the amalgamation of organisations. Our legal team is investigating this option. We cannot as yet give an exact time frame for this development, but we plan to complete the framework within this year. If the amalgamation process is not enacted, we will need to look at either one entity acquiring the assets of the other entity, or alternatively setting up a new entity which would acquire the assets of both of the existing entities. Irrespective of the final structure, one issue that we will be particularly mindful to address is the ability for the new entity to maintain charitable status given that only one of the initial entities has charitable status.  If we are not certain about charitable status, then we will need to manage the process more carefully (eg exclude non-charitable aspects from the main entity)

We are looking to consult with you proactively and to gain an indication of general support in principle (or otherwise) from our respective members to this proposal.  If we can get this support, then we will develop proposed documentation to make it happen and then bring it back to another AGM or Special General Meeting for formal consideration and ensure that we comply with rules of each organisation. We look to our members for support of this action  to consolidate and strengthen homœopathy in NZ.  The time is now!

All feedback is welcome. Please email or   by 10th July 2021.

The committee members of both organisations:
Morris Tuffery, Janine Gawn, Madeleine Gilbert, Paulette Carpenter, Julie Baldwin, Rebecca Stirrup, Tiffany Rogers, Sue Fitzgibbon, Helen Kennedy, Jasvir Kaur, Liane Donovan, Sandy Dinsdale, Heidi Beck, Tanja Baker, Jem Moon.

Annual President’s Report AGM June 16th 2021

The Society has continued to move forward with its primary objectives which I outlined in detail at the AGM in November past year.

To reiterate, our primary goal has been to preserve the assets of the Society for future generations. The committee is committed to ensuring that both the Society, and homeopathy, is financially viable, relevant, and sustainable into the future not just the 21st Century but the 22nd century.  Lofty goals!

In December we combined our reference and lending libraries and moved the books to Naturo Pharm in Rotorua. We are currently assessing shelving options for the reference library and hope to progress this in the next six months. As many of you know our bookshop is already at Naturo Pharm in Rotorua and any orders we receive are processed by their team.  We are extremely grateful for this, and it works very well. Paulette, Janine, Julie and myself visited for 2 days in May and did a complete stock take to iron out any discrepancies and make sure things continue to run smoothly. It was great for us to meet everyone at Naturo Pharm, have a tour of their pharmacy and see many of the fascinating remedies they have in stock.

We are streamlining our booklist and trying to make it easy for members of the public to access books to begin their journey with homœopathy. Homœopaths, we are getting in new books for you!

The beginning of the year saw some minor alterations to our building and a big tidy up to ensure that we could rent the building out. In April our new tenants moved in and are very happy with the premises. This will provide us with a good income with which to work towards some of our other goals, namely promoting homœopathy to the general public. Our social media team has increased with Crystal Clark taking over the weekly posts from Madeleine.  I want to say a big thank you to Crystal for stepping up.  We have increased our followers on Facebook to nearly 2000 and we also have a presence on Instagram, with 445 followers.  It has been a great way to market and promote our books and we sell about $2000 worth of books per month. Our Homœopath of the Month is extremely useful for people looking for a Registered homœopath in their area. We plan to initiate a new approach to Wellness Wednesday, with more specific information on homœopathy for consumers.

We also support homœopaths to give talks, short courses and presentations, in person or via zoom, about homœopathy to the communities.  The first of these is in Howick later this month, by Janine Gawn. Any homœopaths who wish to participate in this funding please apply! We are keen to support you and help our communities become better informed about homœopathy.

Our next goal is to make a free newsletter accessible to the public through a simple sign-up procedure when they visit our website. It is important that we reach people at a grassroots level. We anticipate this will increase our readership significantly and enable us to reach many more members of the public who wish to find out more about homœopathy.

As I mentioned last year, one of our goals is to amalgamate with the NZCH. We need to present a strong and unified front to both government and the public to ensure that homœopathy continues to be a health option. Sue and I have had further discussions as to how this might look and anticipate bringing you more information about it in the next couple of months.  We need our members feedback and approval to achieve this.

I would like to thank the committee for all their hard work, it really is a team effort and the benefits of working together are wonderful. We could not have achieved what we have without the commitment and energy of everyone.

In summary, we have had an intense 8 months but feel we have a much stronger, financially viable and sustainable organisation.

Rebecca Stirrup


Update from the President, 12th April 2021

To all our Members, from the Committee

I am delighted to announce that we have secured a three year lease for the Society property at 320 Mt Eden Road.

We have 2 tenants, our existing tenant and a new one who will share the building.
We are also able to have occasional use of the building for committee meetings etc by prior arrangement which is really great.

This arrangement really provides the Society with financial security over the coming years, preserves our asset for future generations of homœopaths and also means we have an income with which we can start to do some projects to promote homœopathy and educate the public about its benefits.

Our bookshop will continue to be run online and books posted are from Naturo Pharm in Rotorua as before. Our reference library is also going to be set up there in a really nice big room, with space and facilities for research, meetings etc. We hope some of you will start to use it, it is more centrally located and there is good parking. We have our library scholarships being set up, which we announced at the last AGM, which provide a small grant for members to apply for to enable research projects. A visit to Nature Pharm to see how they manufacture homœopathic remedies is also very worthwhile. Our historic books and remedies will be preserved and displayed there too.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to some new ventures over the coming year!

Rebecca Stirrup – President, Morris Tuffery – Vice President, Paulette Carpenter – Treasurer, Janine Gawn -Secretary, Madeleine Gilbert -Social media, Julie Baldwin – bookshop liaison, Sally Birks, Julia Mandle – Coordinator, Tiffany Wendland.

Update from the President, AGM, November 11th 2020

Last year, when the committee was formed, we knew we faced many issues that have been outlined in previous years. I would like to summarise how this new committee approached our task and some of the decisions we made.

Our primary goal has been to preserve the assets of the Society for future generations.

The committee is committed to ensuring that both the Society, and homœopathy, is financially viable, relevant and sustainable into the future not just the 21st Century but the 22nd century. Lofty goals!

It has been an extremely busy and challenging year for the committee, and I want to acknowledge and say thank you to those who have put in tremendous effort.  Paulette and Janine, in particular, have done amazing work in their roles as Treasurer and Secretary.  Madeleine, our social media person, has really turned things around at a grassroots level and also Kate,  who has done the gardens, run Cakes and Cases and many other tasks. Tiffany, Morris, Sally, Annette, Debbie and Julie have all contributed and our newest member Julia who has taken on some administration roles.

By November 2020 our financial situation is much stronger. We have approximately $26,000 in the bank so we have some cash reserves and leeway going forward and a slightly bigger buffer. This is after expenditure on building maintenance over the winter when we needed the roof repaired and work on the hot water cylinder and the new website which went live in October.

I am now going to summarise the committee’s views and  activities over the 10 months I have been  in office and also our vision for the future of the Society.

The Society is running a business with volunteers. This is a huge undertaking. It does provide an income but not necessarily a profit with the current costs.  We need to raise $25,000 per year before we can run any promotion of homœopathy.   A sub-committee was formed in April  2020 to make recommendations of how to proceed. One of the recommendations was  to rent the building  to provide a good income for the Society. The building is a valuable resource that is not being utilized. We also preserve our asset for future generations of homœopathic users.

The committee  also recommended that the Society amalgamate with NZCH. They are the professional arm of homœopathy and we are more the public front.  The goal is to concentrate the power in one stronger body to promote and protect homœopathy and build a better legal framework. There is strength in numbers.

We are very grateful that we have found an excellent home for both our online bookstore and our reference library.  Naturo Pharm, one of New Zealand’s oldest homœopathic pharmacies, has a beautiful, dry contemporary building  in Rotorua. The book shop moved  to Naturo Pharm on 8th October 2020 and this has been brilliant for us volunteers and greatly the reduced workload. It is also brilliant for our customers, as postal charges are reduced and there is much faster turnaround on delivery The Reference Library will be  moved in December 2020.

Other announcements!

  • We have a new website to improve searching for books, provide more information and facilities for the general public and improve the membership system which was manual, cumbersome and time consuming.
  • Scholarships.   The Society would like to announce new library scholarships for next year.  These will be suitable for students or homœopaths or general members who wish to visit the reference library in Rotorua for a research project. The value will contribute towards accommodation and petrol. Details coming and how to apply!


  • Society will become sustainable
  • Society will be able to fulfil its true purpose according to the constitution which is to educate and promote the knowledge of homœopathy to the general public in New Zealand
  • Society will protect a legacy handed down from a previous generation of homœopaths

The Society will have an intact asset that can be used to promote homœopathy in the 21st century and into the 22nd century in ways we cannot now even envision.

Rebecca Stirrup
President NZ Homœopathy Society

Elected committee 11th November 2020 AGM 
President    Rebecca Stirrup
Vice President    Morris Tuffery
Secretary    Janine Gawn
Treasurer    Paulette Carpenter
Committee Member    Sally Birks-Davies
Committee Member    Julie Baldwin
Committee Member    Madeleine Gilbert
Committee Member    Tiffany Rogers
Committee Member    Julia Mandel

NOTE: If you would like to receive the minutes of the AGM (incorporating the full Presidents report – this is a summary) and associated financial documents please email the secretary for a copy

Seasons greetings from us all and we wish you all a happy and safe festive season.

The Committee

Important changes to our bookshop October 2020

Important and positive changes are happening at the Society! The number of people purchasing books in person from the Society bookroom has declined rapidly in recent years. Most people purchase our books online from our website. Even Auckland folk struggle to negotiate the traffic and prefer to order online. Most weeks no one comes to the Society bookroom except the volunteer on duty. As many of you know it is increasingly hard to get people to volunteer their time and energy to do this.

We are extremely lucky to announce that Naturo Pharm have kindly offered to store our bookshop books in their new Rotorua premises. Naturo Pharm is one of our oldest homeopathic pharmacies in New Zealand and we are very grateful for their collaboration and support. You will order online as normal from the Society website but the books will now be dispatched from Rotorua by Naturo Pharm. This means a quicker turnaround in posting books. Rather than having to wait for the Wednesday volunteers to pack them and post them, orders can be processed faster. To you the customer, there will be no difference at all when you place and pay for your order. For us volunteers as the Society, it really reduces our weekly workload and streamlines the whole process. Naturo Pharm posts out many remedy orders daily, so it is easy for them to accommodate us and our books!

To reiterate, books can only be purchased online from the website not from the Society rooms.

The Society will continue to purchase and stock a good range of books, the old favourites, the ones students need for college and of course the lovely new books that we all love to look forward to.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for supporting the bookshop over the years and we look forward to continuing to provide you with an excellent service in the future.

The Committee