(Third revised and enlarged edition) According to Hahnemann?s Organon, Sixth Edition. The classic on LM potencies. A mastery work on these potencies including their importance, speciality, preparation and administration supplemented with case records.


The book gives a total understanding of 50 millesimal right from its concept, through the mode of its preparation and its application. As an extra reading on the subject, the book is worth having.’ – The Hahnemannian Gleanings ‘…Dr Choudhury has brought out well the principles, practice and advantages of 50 millesimal potency …Also quotes from fifth and sixth edition of the Organon regarding advantages of 50 millesimal potency. Secondly, the mode of administration where a lot of controversy exists today is meticulously unravelled. He says that the original method of Hahnemann is still the safest and surest one. The author guides the beginner ?s to how to avoid medicinal aggravation of 50 millesimal potencies which some of our colleagues claim.’ – Indian Journal of Homeopathic Medicine ‘… The author has ably gone into genesis of the 50 millesimal Potency in the writings of Dr Hahnemann (Organon, sixth edition). He has also explained how these potencies are prepared and how these should be administered. Additional chapters regarding diet, regimen and avoidance of medicinal aggravation have also been added. Some case reports of acute and chronic patients have also been given. It is very useful and a comprehensive book on the subject.’ – The Homoeopathic Heritage.