A classic by Boger, in which he continues the work of Boenninghausen. This compact book contains both a comprehensive Materia Medica and a complete repertory, all in less than 600 pages. Boger’s aim was to restrict the remedy pictures to the essential, at the same time forming a synopsis between Materia Medica and repertory. The book covers a total of 323 remedies with their characteristic symptoms and chief effects. The entry for each remedy starts with the organotrophic relationships and modalities, followed by a selection of the most important symptoms. The publisher: The Synoptic key of Materia Medica is indeed the key that a student or a practioner needs to unlock the right remedy in each case. In our ” Rearranged & Augemented” edition you will find: – A snap shot description of more than 400 drugs. – A detailed and exhaustive repertory including sections on Time Modalities, General Modalities and Generalities. – Index of remedies with latest accepted abbreviations. If correct prescription be an art, the book will most definitely prove to be the Artist’s favorite tools.