A companion book to Hahnemann Revisited. (New publication hardback copy) Hahnemann Revisited represented the Science of Homeopathy: Laws, case taking and finding the simillimum. Achieving and Maintairdng the Simillimum is the other side of the coin “The Art of Homeopathy.” This unique book teaches the reader the most difficult aspect of homeopathy — how to stay on the right course in the arduous road to curing a chronic patient. Together with the repertory and the Materia Medica, this book will always be at your side on your office desk.


About Dr. Luc: Luc De Schepper, MD, PhD, Lic.Ac, is known to hundreds of students as a brilliant and inspiring lecturer and to thousands of patients as a gentle and compassionate healer. Soon after receiving his medical degree in his native Belgium in 1971, he began studying homeopathy as part of a PhD program in acupuncture. He also studied with Robin Murphy and with the British Institute of Homeopathy but learned the most by spending years studying the Old Masters in thousands of old Journals. Dr. Luc began incorporating classical homeopathy into his holistic practice upon moving in the USA in 1981, using homeopathy exclusively since 1991. His Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy provides professional training in Boston, MA, Secaucus, Nj and Las Vegas, NV to healthcare Professionals.