From one of the UK’s most original thinker comes a book, which examines the place of miasms in homeopathy and the arrival of a new miasm: the AIDS miasm. Fraser argues that the electronic media have brought about “an almost complete destruction of the concept of distance in both space and time…” forcing us to adapt to the new environment: of global village. These changes have brought about the AIDS miasm, which is characterised by a loss of boundaries. Certainly, a thought provoking book. The publisher: This book will enhance the understanding and practice of homeopathy in the 21st century. Part one describes how disease has developed alongside technological advances. It traces the development of miasmatic illness in parallel with the evolution of human society, and shows how the recent communications revolution has resulted in a totally new miasm: the AIDS miasm. Part two illustrates in depth how the new homeopathic remedies are true pictures of the needs of today’s patients and how vital they are to treat contemporary diseases. – Written by an experienced practitioner – Provides an understanding of the evolution of miasms – Links contemporary society with the AIDS miasm and modern disease states – Provides an in depth understanding of the ‘new remedies’ – Fascinating and useful for anyone with an interest in complementary medicine.