An excellent book for parents considering an alternative approaach to their kids health.  lots of thought provoking  information , some case studies and remedies that may be useful

Many treatments have been proposed for autism. Most seem to address the symptoms of the problem rather than the true underlying causes. There is a system of medicine called Heilkunst that addresses these causes and has an integrated approach to removing the autistic condition. Heilkunst looks at the individual circumstances of each child, since each case is unique, and includes homeopathy, as well as drainage, detoxification, diet, supplements, balancing of the autonomic nervous system, energy work and fungal treatment. Heilkunst means the art of making people whole – in body, mind, soul and spirit – and this book sets out the principles and foundations of this therapeutic system. It will change your life, and the life of your child. Heilkunst offers a consistent, comprehensive, integrated approach to transforming autistic children into active, healthy and fully-functioning contributors to society. The child blessed with autism has tremendous potential that is desperately seeking to be expressed. Heilkunst provides a key to unlocking that full potential.