The first volume concerns the blood. The expressions blood revenge and blood sacrifice themselves reflect the extreme aspects connected with this theme. Rosina Sonnenschmidt explores the various blood parameters and blood groups and considers their significance. She shows how the formation, quality and regeneration of the blood can be stimulated through naturopathic therapies, such as fresh juices and rhythmic breathing.
Homeopathy has a key role to play in the treatment of serious blood disorders. The references in the repertories to destructive diseases, such as leukaemia and plasmacytomas which are becoming increasingly prevalent, are still fragmentary. In this book, Rosina Sonnenschmidt treads new ground and proposes many new remedies, such as Uranium nitricum, Caesium and Cisplatin, that act directly on the blood constituents.
A work of utmost practical relevance, which offers highly valuable and original advices on contemporary illnesses.