“Challenging Children: Success with homeopathy” is a collection of stories about kids with health and behaviour problems, who have successfully been helped with homeopathic medicine. The stories have been gathered from all around Australia and that’s what inspired the book in the first place. The author, Linlee Jordan, wanted everyone to hear about the kids from all the corners of our continent (eg: Cairns, Perth and Tasmania) who had been treated with homeopathy and it banished their eczema, allergies, asthma, anger, sleep problems, tantrums and ADHD symptoms etc.

Teachers, parents and health practitioners will benefit from reading the book because they will understand how to get the best out of homeopathy. The book took more than 3 years to write because each case had to be peer reviewed and have a one year follow up before it could be published.

It was a delight to see the cover of the book once it had been published because the cover is a collation of drawings from the kids themselves. Many of the kids are wonderful, powerful little people in their own right and they chose which drawings could be used. They also sometimes chose their own pseudo-name to go with their case.

The book is a celebration of seeing sometimes difficult-to-handle childhood behaviour as a positive challenge, which means there can be a learning exercise involved and a welcome outcome. A quote by Noela Evens from inside the book says: “Challenge is a dragon with a gift in it’s mouth. Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.” Homeopathy helps children tame their own dragon and bring out their best.