This repertory is intended to serve as a handy and useful reference book.  it is great to have in clinic and many experienced homœopaths use it .

No remedy is present in a rubric unless there is strong justification provided for it, by authorities like Dr. Boger, Dr. Kent, Dr. Clarke’s dictionary, etc.


The symptoms in this repertory are arranged alphabetically. This has the advantage that certain keywords, which were previously hidden in individual local rubrics, are now listed in systematic order, so making them more easy to find. One of the many original ideas of Phatak is to classify remedies by individual body regions, which are then used as repertory rubrics. The repertory also features Ǩ? apart from Phatak’s own contributions Ǩ? additions from Boger, Kent and Clarke. In this repertory, the heading including Mentals, Generals, Modalities, Organs, and their Sub-parts are all arranged according to their Alphabetical order. All the physiological and pathological conditions are also included. Cross references are given where-ever necessary.