This book is a standard of Homeopathic medicine. Just a taste of what you will find in this book: PREFACE: In placing this work before the profession, the author wishes it to be understood that it is not with any desire to have such condensed work supersede the study and use of the more complete Materia Medica ; nor is it on account of any supposed incorrectness or unreliability of the original works of Hahnemann, for these, after nearly three-fourths of a century of daily searching scrutiny, must be accepted as bearing the imprint of being wrought by a master mind -almost intuitive perception having guided in the work. Publishers’ Preface to Fourth Edition: The third edition of HERING’S CONDENSED MATERIA MEDICA being exhausted the question of a fourth edition confronted the publishers. After due consideration it was determined to let the work of those masters in Homœopathy, Hering and Farrington, remain as they left it. Homœopathy is not a shifting changing science. This book is a true exponent of Homœopathy, and while it might be enlarged by the addition of new remedies it could not be improved upon in its sphere -A CONDENSED MATERIA MEDICA. So the old work is again brought out, unchanged. It is a book culled by Hering from the manuscript of his ten volume Guiding Symptoms, and it contains the cream of that large work. As Hering says : “Clinical experience only can verify symptoms obtained through provings” ; and further : “We have now garnered at least a fair percentage of good wheat.” That “good wheat” is to be found in this volume -a volume that, perhaps, contains fewer unverified symptoms than any other published ; indeed it has been said that every symptom in this book has been verified at the bedside. Be that as it may, the HERING’S CONDENSED MATERIA MEDICA is undoubtedly one of the most helpful books to the physician ever published.