Based on 80 remedies from Madeleine Evans’ Meditative Provings volumes 1 & 2, rubrics follow provers’ language as closely as possible. Includes links to astrology, chakras and miasms, plus combination remedies and remedy relationships.


Repertory covering ALL the remedies in Meditative Provings Volumes 1 and 2. Clearly laid out in alphabetical chapters for easy and quick reference – Rubrics written in modern English using provers own words. Charts for chakra and astrological signs. Appendix of remedy relationships. Appendix of combination remedies. Chapter discussing remedy names, origins etc Chapters: Abdomen, Astrlogical, Arms, Back, Bladder, Bones, Brain, Breasts, Breathing, Chakras, Chest, Children, Circulation, Diseases and Conditions, Dying, Ears, Emergency, Environment, Esoteric/Exoteric, Eyes, Face, Feet, Female, Food, Generals, Glands, Hands, Head, Headache, Hearing, Heart, Intestines, Joints, Kidneys, Legs, Liver, Lungs, Male, Maisms, Mind, Mouth, Muscles, Neck, Nerves, Nose, Pelvis, Pregnancy, Puberty, Sensations As If, Shoulders, Skin, Sleep, Spleen, Stomach, Stool, Throat, Toxicity, Vertigo, Vision Appendices: Astrological Chart, Chakra Chart, Combinations, Relationships, Remedy Database, Index