Hardback Cover – This dictionary has been undertaken with a different aim and it tries to show the validity of Homoeotherapeutic by constant upheaval.

In fact none, or almost none of these 131 pathogeneses (experimental or clinical), described in this dictionary is to be found in any other Materia Medica, if we do not count our preceding work of Homoeopathic Materia Medica appeared in 1971, with the collaboration of Cl. Bergeret, E.Majer-Julian, M. Nahon and M. Tetau. These new provings help us to note, that there exists a validity of the experimental methodology set down by S. Hahnemann and of which the proto-cole remodelled by us (See : O.A. Julian-Nouvelles recherches theoriques et pratiques en Homoeopathic, Lib. Le Francois, Paris, 1973, p. 49-50) has been equally taken up by other authors.