Over ten years have passed since the first publication of this book, but with Jeremy’s latest seminars this year on Covid and Roots and Rants, people are searching out this book again.

We only have one copy, in perfect condition, except for ‘library’ on the inside cover.

It’s an excellent and thought provoking book that should not be missed!

While this book is an easy and enjoyable read, it is also an exercise book for the thinking homoeopath. Many clues lie buried below the surface, mimicking the hidden nature of our cases. The reader’s challenge is to uncover and synthesise this information. This effort should pay dividends in all aspects of homœopathy, from case solving to a deeper perception of materia medica and philosophy.  Jeremy includes a commentary with solutions to many of the riddles. This can be read first as a guide or left to contemplate after the tantalising end!

The Dynamic Materia Medica of Syphilis is a web composed of eleven syphilitic remedies, each approached from a different perspective, each representing a lesson in materia medica study; essays and provings, essences and toxicologies, affinities, poetry, mythology, history, analysis and synthesis are all spread over an underlying bed of philosophy. The left and right pages represent the parallel approaches of science and art. The synthesis of all these strands culminates in an exciting conclusion on the nature of the syphilitc miasm and its underlying psoric roots.