The second volume of provings from the Dynamis School includes: Cygnus cygnus, Olea europea, Onchorynchus tschawytscha, Taxus baccata, Brassica napus, with additional provings coming from other sources: Taxus brevifolia, Cygnus columbianus bewicki and Salix fragilis Table of Contents – Introduction – Prover Number 32 – From the Editor – Brassica napus – Rape Seed – Cygnus columbianus bewicki – Bewick Swan – Cygnus cygnus – Whooper Swan – Olea europaea – Olive – Onchorynchus tschawytscha – Pacific Salmon – Salix fragilis – Cracked Willow – Taxus baccata – English Yew Tree – Taxus brevifolia – Pacific Yew Tree