This little gem of a book is perfect for anyone getting started in homeopathy, or for those who want a quick reference guide to first aid homeopathy.

If you want to manage accidents and common ailments at home as quickly, effectively and safely as possible then this book is for you. From boils, to sore throat, to vomiting many common ailments are listed. 36 remedies are described, each with an illustration to help you understand their unique and characteristic healing qualities.

It is written in straight-forward English with few technical terms, so new-comers to medical and homeopathic terminology will have no trouble understanding the content. The book examines the following topics: What is Homeopathy? Guidelines on what you can treat. How to prescribe. How to store and take the remedies. A directory of common aliments. Descriptions of 32 homeopathic remedies with illustrations. Suggestions for further help and learning.

An exhilarating and pleasurable journey through our Materia Medica.


This is prepared from the poisonous Monkshood, but is rendered into a wonderful and safe healing medicine thanks to homeopathic pharmacy. These people, often babies and children, usually appear frightened, tossing about and the bedclothes may be thrown off. They may express a fear of dying, unaccountable fear, palpitation and tingling sensations throughout the body, but mainly the extremities. These symptoms come suddenly, as if out of nowhere. If restlessness, heat and redness are observed, ask yourself or the person if they have been out in the cold, especially on a windy day, or have recently had a fright of some kind. This remedy has gained its homeopathic laurels in the nursery as well as in disaster situations such as after earth-quakes. There may be a desire for cold water or bitter drinks.

Worse: from being out in the cold, midnight, tobacco smoke, light and noise
Better: open air, rest