This book is a practical guide to the use of homeopathic medicine over a wide range of the illnesses and conditions that arise in the normal course of general practice. The author demonstrates how homeopathy can be used to great advantage in place of, as well as in conjunction with, conventional medicine.

The book is structured conventionally in relation to the systems of the body, but the supporting analysis of patient management is given in homeopathic terms within the context of each patient’s life and personal characteristics. The text is reinforced by the inclusion of a hundred and twenty-nine cases from the author’s practice, many of which are described in considerable detail. There are also numerous discussion sections in which he explains his treatment strategies.

“There are other books on homeopathy and general practice but Alastair Jack’s new book really fills a gap. It focuses on management of complex cases and is filled with very challenging patient histories as well as a compilation of Dr Jack’s life’s work. It is a significant contribution to the growing homeopathic literature. Its subtitle: ‘Anecdotal but Significant’ is entirely appropriate, while the main title is an understatement of the treasures to be found in this book, and probably reflects Dr Jack’s modesty! I believe that all those practising homeopathy would find this book useful, as it contains a remarkable distillation of a unique career. Dr Jack worked as a general practitioner in Bromsgrove, outside Birmingham, for over 40 years, until he retired from the NHS in 1980. He managed to achieve an integration of homeopathy and general practice which can appear daunting.
… I found it a struggle to make that jump from simple to complex cases and this book is an invaluable guide. It features a wonderful collection of 129 cases organised by systems of the body, illustrating Dr Jack’s method of using homeopathy in general practice. It shows ‘good old fashioned classical homeopathy’ at its best, which appears effortless when a prescriber has the in-depth knowledge of the homeopathic materia medica and repertory of Dr Jack.
… After I began working in the medical department of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, I discovered his earlier publications in the British Homeopathic Journal on the homeopathic management of Crohn’ s disease. I