Preface: This work is intended to primarily help homoeopathic physicians, homoeopathic students and homoeopathic lovers. The purpose of an orthopedician is a highly skilled and technical Job in the modern allopathic System of medicine. The latest technology and surgical practices have made orthopedics extremely sophisticated. In allopathy, there is a vast reservoir of nomenclature for diseases of orthopedic nature, and when these diseases, with highly technical prescriptions of allopathic orthopedicians are presented before homoeopaths, the latter get into dilemma regarding the mode of treatment. Some homoeopathic physicians take orthopedic diseases äs incurable or hardly curable or treatable by homoeopathy. In fact, this is not true. A complete treatment on homoeopathic principles present a reliable answer to such questions, pseudo-questions or queries. This work deals with all the situations of such a nature.