Hardcover, excellent condition.

In this new book he explains the theoretical basis of homeopathic medicine in a way that makes it accessible to patients, practitioners, and researchers alike.

Harris Coulter is the outstanding historian of homoeopathic medicine and of the continuing disputes which have divided it from allopathic (orthodox) medicine.

In this volume he marshalls theoretical speculations and experimental evidence to build the beginnings of the bridge between the two approaches. At a time when so many people continue to suffer from chronic illness and from the side effects of standard drugs which sometimes do not cure them, Dr. Coulter’s pioneering efforts to present and explain a more holistic therapeutic system must be applauded.

Harris Coulter is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and a graduate of Yale University. He received his Ph.D. from Columbia University with a dissertation on the political and social aspects of nineteenth-century medicine in the United States. This work was the basis for Divided Legacy, a three volume treatise on the history of Western medicine. He recently authored DPT-A Shot in the Dark and has also written Homoeopathic Medicine and Homoeopathic Influences in Nineteenth Century Allopathic Therapeutics, as well as numerous articles on the relationship of homoeopathy to acupuncture, osteopathy, herbalism, and alternative health care.