The publisher;

Yet another amazing book by the Dynamic duo of homoeopathy.

An inspiring work from their continuous uphill battle to find more remedies in the animal Kingdom. The deep connection that these four limbed animals have with the humans have been revealed in a picturesque mode.

“We humans are primarily animals and it is only expected that we feel connection to them in many ways. These connection could be positive or negative. We may love them, fear them or dislike them. Some of us may simply admire them in the wild. Since the outer world is a mere reflection of our deep inner pattern, the animals we love, hate, like or fear may actually be a resonance with our innermost nature and our patterns.” -The Joshis 

Highlights of the book:

· Concept and philosophy of  “The Pattern Approach”
· Case taking process explained ‘The Joshi Way’
· Unlock the mammal remedies in practice
· Concise and precise drug pictures and their connection to the animal in nature
· Comparative Materia medica of similar remedies
· Quick tables and charts for ready referral
· An entire book dedicated to known and unknown mammal species
· Over 200 mammal drug pictures explained