A masterpiece! A seminal text.

Since Mendeleev, the periodic table of the elements has proved to be a tried and tested system to describe and predict the chemical and physical properties of all the elements in the material universe.

Scholten discovered the themes of the elements from their position in the periodic table. All elements in each horizontal row are characterized by a single common theme, and are known as a series. The seven series are each called by the best-known element of the series. So there is, for example, a Carbon series (characterized by problems with children’s values, and body image in general); an Iron series (problems with work, duty, routine and rules); a Silver series (corresponding to creativity and publicity, communicating ideas, such as found in artists, top sportspeople, middle management), etc. Each series is divided into a maximum of 18 stages. The 18 stages correspond to the electron configuration in the outer shell of the atom, and so to the chemical behaviour of the relevant element.

Homeopathically speaking, these stages are the individual developmental steps of each series. This vivid understanding of the series and stages therefore enables us to capture the qualities of each element and use it in homeopathic practice. The points of intersection of the series and stages exactly define the theme of each element. Therefore, almost every imaginable situation can be depicted in terms of a combination of particular elements. The result is an enormously powerful means of homeopathic prescribing, assuming that the new system is really understood. It is indeed a very worthwhile object of study, and we can say from our own experience that many patients have already profited from this new jewel of homeopathy.