In this second edition of ‘How to Study Materia Medica, many classical authors have been included: Hahnemann, Lippe, Nash, Guernsey and Kent.

This book was first written by me in the year 1981 primarily for the students who were attending my lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica at Bombay Homoeopathic Medical College. Their persistent request to show them a method of how to study materia medica, what is the significance of studying materia medica, what was the real reason to undertake such a task, etc. stimulated me to write this book.
As far as I know, during early seventies, Dr.Garth Boericke’s book was the only book in literature which mentioned about the different sources of materia medica, hence students were largely dependent on notes given during my lectures on materia medica to study for their exams. The students liked these notes so much that they later xeroxed my notes and circulated them to other classes and colleges.
In this book I had very systematically described the definition, source, scope and limitations of materia medica, different types of materia medica, different approaches to study materia medica, etc.

The first edition was sold out in two months from the date of being published, later I continued teaching in my lectures in India and abroad from the same notes for next 25 years. It was only recently when my assistant – Dr Natasha Fernandas asked me to work further in the same direction and bring out the second edition of this book that I decided to write the second edition. In this edition I have extracted many references from text book of Organon of Medicine and suggestions from many classical authors like Hahnemann, Lippe, Nash, Guernsey and Kent have been included.

I am grateful to Dr Natasha who is too eager to help me for all my academic work just like Dr Jahr who was too ready to help Dr. Hahnemann in compiling repertory. As usual Miss Sunita Shah helped me in page layout, editing, designing and all other modalities of publishing for which I am grateful to her.
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