The most extensive list of references for provings before the modern era (from 1805 to 1900), citing books and articles including Allen’s Encylopaedia, Hering’s Guiding Symptoms and many others. The publisher: ‘Homoeopathic Provings’ is one of the first few books of its kind, which guides us to publications with records of their provings. It comprises of a large number of drugs with their synonyms and common names for quick and convenient reference. The names of the drugs have been obtained from the American Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. It is a good reference for obtaining the names of books containing pathogenesis and original provings. Thus it helps save the readers precious time in trying to obtain the desired knowledge by just randomly going through book after book. We thank Dr. Francis Treuherz of U. K. for providing this book for Publishing, which we feel will be of great benefit to homoeopaths in their quest for further knowledge.