Include Lectures: The Sick – The Ideal Cure – What The Physician Must Perceive – Fixed Principles – Law And Government From Center – Discrimination As To Maintaining External Causes And Surgical Cases – The Unprejudiced Observer – Indispositions – On Simple Substance – Disorder First In Vital Force – Materialism In Medicine – Sickness And Cure On Dynamic Plane – The Removal Of The Totality Of Symptoms Means The Removal Of The Cause – The Law Of Similars – Susceptibility – Protection From Sickness – Oversensitive Patients – The Science And The Art – Chronic Diseases – (Psora, Syphilis, Sycosis) – Disease And Drug Study In General – The Examination Of The Patient – Homeopathic Catechism (Refers To The Organon, 100 questions) (Julia C. Loos)