This is a recommended test for students.   experienced practitioners also benefit from a re-read.

It’s the timeless classic of homœopathic philosophy .

‘Lectures on Homœopathic Philosophy’ by Dr J.T. Kent ranks with the world’s finest literature. It is the key that unlocks the knowledge related to the art of homœopathic healing. This invaluable work clarifies many of the obscure points in the organon and enables the physician to perceive in depth homœopathic truths. His lectures are so vivid that they mirror the fundamental laws of health and healing at all levels. It gives a clear interpretation of the philosophy, bringing matters which seem hidden and complex out into the light of practical reverence, a sublimity that is marvellous.

Some covers may vary from that displayed, we have a couple of different versions.

chapters such as Idiosynchrasies and the Second Prescription are invaluable to us all.