We live in a world where dietary recommendations are constantly changing, and it creates great confusion among patients and doctors alike. Diet and exercise have become like a religion, with different groups convinced that their way is the best way. We have lost our inner directive, looking outward rather than inward for advice on what is best for our bodies and our minds. Each of us is unique, and not every diet, exercise regime, or lifestyle modification is appropriate for everyone.

Your physical requirements change as your internal and external environment changes. Did you climb a mountain or lie on the couch all day? Did you take an exam or relax at the beach? Have you been healthy or recovering from an illness? Did you indulge in too much alcohol last night or spend the evening doing yoga? Is it winter or spring? Are you at the beginning or end of your monthly menstrual cycle? Your requirements are constantly changing.

This book is not intended to and cannot replace an in-depth, comprehensive nutritional assessment by your doctor, naturopath, clinical dietician, or nutritionist. Rather, it is intended to provide you with a deeper understanding of your constitutional type, your susceptibilities, and your basic requirements for health.

Homeopathy has been around for over 250 years, and we have accumulated centuries’ worth of recorded data and observations. The information I have gathered in this book is a culmination of what I’ve learned from studying the writings of many great homeopaths, responding to the enquiring minds of hundreds of students, and treating thousands of patients in over 20 years of clinical practice. What I have observed is that simple lifestyle modifications can benefit each homeopathic constitutional type, improving their healing and quality of life.

This book can help deepen your understanding of constitutional homeopathic treatment and provide you with ways to take charge of your health. At the time of writing, this book is unique. There is very little written on this subject and certainly nothing else available in a patient-friendly format. This book is not complete, however, and I invite other homeopaths to share their observations and experience in this area so that together we can provide our patients with a comprehensive guide to enrich their constitutional homeopathic treatment.


Review by Janine Gawn RCHom

Published in eHomeopathica June 2022 Newsletter

‘Live Right for Your Remedy Type’ is a unique book as it is the first ever Homeopathic Lifestyle Guide. This book is aimed at the public and those being treated by a homeopath, but is useful for practitioners too. The introduction gives clear explanations on the purpose of the book and how to use it. One of its main aims is to help you, the patient, determine which foods to eat, which foods to avoid and what exercise and therapies you would be most suited to, all based on your homeopathic type as determined by your homeopath.

Importantly Gabrielle acknowledges that a person’s constitutional type is not set in stone and may change as we change. She states that stress, environmental factors, illness etc. are all examples of what might affect our state of being and the homeopath searches for the remedy that best matches your symptoms and state right now.

Kim Elia in the forward asks the question “Could our constitution, including our mental, emotional and physical qualities determine our susceptibility to specific stresses and could a knowledge of that constitution aid us with life-style choices that will help us to maximize our sense of well-being?

Gabrielle goes a long way to answering this question by discussing and understanding each remedy types susceptibilities, weak points and warning signs of imbalance. Each of the 21 remedies in the book starts with a short case to illustrate the remedy followed by sections on lifestyle, diet, supplements, exercise, environment, challenging times, warning signs of imbalance, help during an acute illness, useful related remedies, relationships, adjunctive therapies and even a note to the homeopathic practitioner. It is a very comprehensive guide on lifestyle, and I found the book to be well laid out and easy to read.