The mobility of body and soul forms an unbreakable unity. Constriction in thinking, feeling and acting also restricts the physical mobility. Every chronic disease is accompanied by stiffness or disorders of the body rhythm, as well as acidification and accumulation of waste substances.

In the eleventh volume of the Organ-Conflict-Cure series, Rosina Sonnenschmidt illustrates the holistic path of healing for regaining the individual rhythm.

A person’s movement is breath that has become visible. As a result, the energetics of the breath are very important. In this volume, Rosina Sonnenschmidt differentiates between moon and sun focus of the respiration. The knowledge about the sun breath and the moon breath is thousands of years old. The author explains the two types and shows which body positions and movement sequences are best suited for each of them in order to maintain good health.

The book presents the most frequent diseases of the musculoskeletal system and its underlying conflicts: osteoporosis; diseases of the bone marrow, tendons and muscles; gout and rheumatism; diseases of the individual joints such as the knees and hips, shoulder and wrist complaints; and sections of the spinal column such as ailments of the neck and lumbar area. For example, rheumatism has an underlying self-devaluation conflict with suppressed anger.

The homeopathic treatment of these diseases with remedies such as cartilago suis, paratyphoidinum and calcium fluoricum is explained together with their miasmatic background.

The book also covers comprehensive naturopathic therapy with various enzymes, a therapeutic diet with amino acids and herbal treatments and extensive instructions on cleansing of the blood and bowels.

This is an innovative work on the major common diseases that breaks through familiar thought structures and offers new treatment impulses.