Although in our used section, this book has never been opened.  The cover is slightly damaged thats all.  An excellent reference book that includes sarcodes, unusual remedies and some minerals that we are not so familiar with such as magnesium fluoratum.

Full clinical coverage of 106 new homoeopathic remedies. A well organised, easy to read book offering a rich collection of hundred and twenty one remedies. Numerous remedies are new or are familiar substances used homeopatically for the first time. A detailed clinical repertory is also provided together with an index of clinical keynotes.


This book offers a rich collection of over a hundred new homoeopathic remedies. It adds to existing knowledge, supplementing the established Materia Medicas used on a daily basis in homoeopathy. Some of the remedies are completely new. Others are familiar substances used homoeopathically for the first time. Most of them have been the subject of a Hahnemannian proving, while the remainder have undergone a clinical symptomatological study and their value has been confirmed in therapeutic use. A very detailed clinical repertory is provided at the end of the book, together with an index of clinical key-notes. Principal symptoms are italicised throughout the text. There is a bibliography for each remedy, as well as chemical information of direct pharmaceutical relevance. O.A. Julian qualified as a doctor in 1935 at the Strasbourg Faculty of Medicine. He began work in a rural general practice in Normandy, where he soon began to specialise in homoeopathy and chiropractic, learning at the same time to prepare homoeopathic remedies himself. During the War he was active as a doctor with the French Resistance. He moved to Paris in 1959 and practised there until his death in 1984.Materia Medica of New Hom. Remedies

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Second hand copy very good condition