Dr. Sandy Dinsdale is a registered General Practitioner with twenty three years’ experience in family medicine. Over the past twelve years she has also practised homeopathy.


In Medicine with Meaning she explains how her understanding of the depth and breadth of homeopathy as a mind-body medicine evolved challenging readers to question and expand their own world views. With personal examples, she illustrates how homeopathy’s Law of Similars applies to everyday human experience as part of the natural interconnected web of life. Medicine with Meaning explores the historical and philosophical development of homeopathy as an empirical individualised form of treatment. Real pateint’s cases reveal the level of information transferred by a simple homeopathic remedy, and the beneficial results.

Advocating for a more balanced medical system capable of treating the whole person, Medicine with Meaning shows us homeopathy’s true power to heal, and its rightful place alongside conventional medicine.

From the Forward by Dr. Tim Ewer (President of the NZ branch of the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association) – At the heart of the healing process is the healer’s willingness and ability to hold a compassionate and open space for each person’s story to be fully expressed and heard. Sandy reveals how her progress into the intricacies and holistic paradigm of homeopathy has given her important tolls for holding this space.