The theory of elements is becoming increasingly popular in homeopathy. Patricia Le Roux, an experienced paediatrician from Marseille, demonstrates for the first time the use of this theory in the treatment of children. The popular author describes with uncompromising clarity and simplicity all the remedies of the Iron, Silver and Gold series. She presents each remedy with an impressive case study, followed by an essence for each, as well as the remedy’s key symptoms. The case descriptions range from infections, eczema, asthma, glomerulonephritis, rheumatoid arthritis and anaemia, all the way through to learning difficulties, developmental delays, depression and anorexia. The book’s simple, almost abstract style convincingly conveys a sense that the author lives these remedies and one sees how she prescribes with ease and accuracy. After reading this book, one is left eager to apply the methods in one’s own practice. The book really is worth its weight in gold.

Patricia Le Roux is very good at looking for and finding the essence, in her patients and in the remedies. She has a great talent for incorporating the new theories in homeopathy and elaborating on them. And she has a great talent for successfully applying those theories to her patients. Add to that her ability to write down her experiences in a precise and clear way and you will be convinced that this book is well worth having. Jan Scholten