This forgotten gem is an interesting read.

A compilation of papers by diverse authors on rare and original remedies: Parthenium, Ichthyol, Heloderma, Cereus bonplandii, Malaria Nosode, Lactrodectus, Phaseolus and many more.

Among the new ones in this edition will be found a number of remedies that were proved at the different homoeopathic colleges under modern conditions. These accurately proved remedies may become valuable additions to our Materia Medica. In addition to these there are also numerous new or old drugs brought out through clinical observations such as Formic acid, Gunpowder,  Platanus, Glycerine, Ichthyol, Indol, and others. These also may become very useful additions to the homeopath.

While no repertory is attached a very thorough therapeutic and clinical index has been made that will guide the physician who is looking for a remedy in this new field.