The publisher: In this book the main sensation behind the nosodes and imponderables are explained by Dr. Bhawisha and Dr. Shachindra Joshi. The authors have been engaged with the subject since 2003 and have since then lectured and worked on the basic feeling of these remedies through the Sensation method. The reader can follow the journey of the Joshis and see how they came to the understanding of these remedies. Different nosodes and imponderables have been demonstrated and well explained though cases each of which have at least 2 years of follow up. The book also helps to understand the basic difference between the different miasms as well as their nosodes. A whole new concept on miasmatic relationships and the comparison between different miasms another salient feature of this book. The Joshis rich and intriguing experiences with imponderables have been explored in-depth. Furthermore we can read differentiation with similar remedy groups in both nosodes and imponderable categories. The concepts in the book will help you use these remedies and also recognize many new ones in your own practice.