Membership Benefits

  • Access to an online first aid course for beginners from the NZ college of Homeopathy. This is an excellent opportunity to learn homeopathy. This course normally costs $35 but is free to members.
  • Cakes and cases every Thursday afternoon. An online meeting to discuss homeopathy with other members.
  • Access our ‘Members Only’ pages on our website where past journals are available to download and/or browse.
  • Access The Reference Library, whenever the NZ Homœopathic Society Bookroom is open, at the Homœopathic Society Centre in Mt. Eden, Auckland.
  • Receive our quarterly Newsletter via email. A variety of articles about Homeopathy, up-to-date information on homeopathic news, tips on how to use remedies for common ailments, and upcoming events.​
  • 10% discount on the retail price of remedies purchased from supporting pharmacies. Simillimum and Selene Homeopathics.