The publisher:

This book will introduce you to Plastic Wrap, a new remedy in the homoeopathic materia medica. It was made up at Helios Homoeopathic Pharmacy, UK by Pema Sanders and Jan Mathew in 1997, and can be ordered from Helios. A proving took place at the beginning of 2004, under the auspices of The South Downs School of Homoeopathy in Sussex, UK. The information has been tried and tested in practice during a five year ‘probation’ period, and sixteen cases are presented in the book. We have confirmed the domain and potential of this contemporary remedy. There are rubrics and a materia medica; also the record of a ‘meditative’ proving from 1997.

It concludes with an essay, which draws parallels between the remedy picture and the Cinderella/Ashenputtel/Catskin type of fairy tale.

In the appendix there is a description of the chemical constituents of a typical cling-film. Reference is made to the extent to which other petroleum derivatives, such as DDT, with hormone affecting chemistry, are found everywhere in the world’s oceans and larger rivers.

The book is designed with two purposes: 1) for the homoeopath to learn about and prescribe the remedy, and 2) for the more general public to gain an insight into how we ‘prove’ a medicine before using it. I believe that the territory of this remedy suits such a purpose. The use and disposal of plastics is currently topical. As you read it, you will notice features of contemporary urban life. The late Princess Diana is a familiar figure who lived out the themes of the remedy.

The image of the well:
Access to resources held in common; the water of life, the inner Source. The water is there for all to draw on.