This book offers the prospects for bringing Polio under control with prevention and specific recommendations. It provides case management and treatment of infantile paralysis with homeopathic remedies. A small repertory has been given in the end for symptomatic relief of various presentation.

HOMOEOPATHIC POINT OF VIEW The Homoeopathic school is well ahead of the dominant school in the field of prophylaxis and treatment of poliomyelitis. Dr. A. H. Grimmer says: “In the field of prophylaxis, the epidemic remedy when it is found gives the best protection. In forty years of practice I have found Lathyrus sat. one hundred per cent effective.” In Homoeopathy there are no specifics for any ailment. There can be as many types of poliomyelitis as the human beings, because each individual modifies the disease by putting his own stamp on it according to his susceptibility and the miasmatic constitution in his own peculiar way. Almost any and every remedy in the Materia Medica can prove useful in any given case. Since this disease has been classed as an acute infectious and may appear in epidemics, we should refer to Aphorisms 100 to 102 of the Organon. Let us quote :- “In investigating the totality of symptoms of epidemic and sporadic disease, it is quite immaterial whether or not something similar has ever appeared in the world before under the same or any other name. The novelty or peculiarity of a disease of that kind makes no difference either in the mode of examining or treating it, as the physician must any way regard the pure picture of every prevailing disease as if it were something new and unknown and investigate it thoroughly for itself, if he desires to practice medicine in a real and radical manner, never substituting conjecture for actual observation, never taking for granted that the case of disease before him is already wholly or partially known, but always carefully examining it in all its phases; and this mode of procedure is all the more requisite in such cases, as a careful examination will show thai: even,’ prevailing disease is in many respects a phenomenon of a unique character, differing vastly from all previous epidemics, to which certain names have been falsely applied with the exception of those epidemics resulting from a contagious principles that always remain the same, such as smallpox, measles, etc. (100).” Printed in India