Many works and all kinds of books have been brought forth in the homoeopathic world. That’s a good thing.
A new work has just been created. The task was arduous at first. Considering the great number of publications, I had to write in an original and attractive way, to use a modern and pleasant style, without going away from the tradition of the materia medica. How to go about it? Indeed, being original may soon harm strictness.

On no account however did I intended to put an additional study on a well-provided market without offering some interesting and fascinating elements. On the other hand, it was out of question to betray great authors. Afterwards, when I was looking at the draft of this work, an idea occurred to me: ‘What is it I would like to hear or read?’ Notions which have already been repeated a hundred times? Certainly not! On the contrary, I wanted a study based on serious foundations.

I started working in this way. Thus, I was guided by my experience. Talking about originality! Guided? Yes, but to what? To the study of a reliable Materia Medica. Not a single rubric, not a single assertion that can be found in the authors.

Another idea has also guided me during my considerations: avoid being too theoretical or writing down thoughts which are easily accessible to everybody. It was my concern to be clear, useful and advantageous that put me in the direction of another development, i.e. the differential diagnosis. Indeed, during the consultation it is sometimes more difficult to choose between several closely related remedies than to find the symptoms indicating a remedy.