This new book translates the concepts of Homoeopathy and the Elements into the system of a repertory. It uses Scholten’s classifications of series and stages and links them with the corresponding groups of remedies.

Up to now it is ‘only’ a repertory of the elements. Most rubrics list only the mineral remedies, but some rubrics like ‘Time’, ‘Weather’, ‘Body Sensations’ and ‘Color Preferences’ include plant and animal remedies as well. The chapters on ‘Generals’ and ‘Body’ are groundbreaking pearls of a new repertory systematic of the future. There is an extensive list of botanical families and their members, including many new plants, and an unusually extensive list of all remedies of all kingdoms. Every remedy is referred to its larger group. The Mind section as the biggest part of the book contains many new valuable rubrics, but their arrangement appears unusual and takes time to get acquainted with. An index would facilitate this learning process. There is another way to use this book apart from being a new repertory: it is a great way to learn and understand the element theory. For example the rubric ‘Winning causes admiration’ can indicate all remedies of the silver series, but particularly the rhodium salts. ‘Winning’ is particularly important for stage 9, and ‘admiration’ is the theme of the whole silver series. To the German readers: a German translation may take long and is not even decided. So every interested user should consider taking the trouble to read the English version. And we think it is worth it. Because the book is not only a repertory but can be used to study the element theory in depth.