The five senses are a wonder of communication and represent our gateway to the outer world. All five senses are necessary to comprehend the world in a holistic way. If we develop the intuitive correlation between these senses – our clairvoyant senses – we are capable of perceiving the world in a deeper and more extensive way and see „what is actually real.”

In the tenth volume of the Organ-Conflict-Cure series, Rosina Sonnenschmidt provides a holistic perspective of the sense of touch, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of hearing and sense of sight. She explains the physiology of the sensory organs and shows how the psychic senses can be trained and applied. The conflicts behind the sensory organs illustrate how closely a restricted perception is connected with an individual’s consciousness and how important good instincts and intuition are in life.

The book discusses diseases such as sensitivity disorders, loss of the sense of taste and smell, eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, iritis, macular degeneration, cataract and glaucoma and ear diseases such as otitis media, hearing impairment, loss of hearing and tinnitus, as well as their holistic treatment.

The therapy includes much naturopathic information, nutritional tips such as special raw juices, Schuessler salts, massages and proven homeopathic remedies such as Camphora for a lack of sensation, Kreosotum for cataract, Osmium for glaucoma and Verbascum for hearing loss.

Rosina Sonnenschmidt shows how the expanded perception can be developed and how important it is in order to recognise the patients‘ positive qualities, talents and abilities, from which they can draw on for their healing.

This is an inspired book that can expand the reader’s perception in an unimaginable way.